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How Does Your Body Feel?

By combining simple movement exercises with imagery, we can:

      spiral Release tension

      spiral Develop alignment and balance, creating effortless movement

      spiral Discover natural flexibility and increase mobility

Positive thinking through imagery can improve our movement, our posture and our lives.



I have been a professional actor and dancer for thirty years, so recognize the importance of good posture and movement.  I believe an understanding of how the body functions, together with imagery that connects the mind to the movement of the body, achieves greater flexibility with less strain.

I practise Yoga and Pilates and am a qualified Franklin Method Level 1 Educator.

I am also an EFT Advanced Practitioner and AAMET member.





£60 per hour.

Free introductory session available on request.



Catherine Chevalier
+44 (0) 7718 901210

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